Your aging parent may have the goal to live in their home as long as possible in order to prolong their sense of independence, happiness, and in turn, health. While you agree they seem mostly capable, you should watch for indications that they need additional assistance to keep their dream a reality. The following signs can help you in determining whether your aging loved ones is ready for at home care.

Neglect of Personal Care

  • Watch if your aging parent is neglecting his/her personal care. For instance, they might regularly skip bathing or washing their hair.
  • Observe their dressing code when you visit. Do they wear pajamas all day or wear stained clothes due to urinary or bowel incontinence?
  • Check for fresh, nutritious food in the cupboards or refrigerator. An inadequate diet can cause weight loss in the elderly.

Mental Health Concerns

  • Check their medications to ensure that their prescriptions are up to date. Monitor the number of pills in every bottle to be sure that your parent is taking his/her dosage correctly.
  • Watch for signs of isolation from friends, depression, and confusion. It’s a common occurrence for the elderly to start avoiding friends.
  • Assist your parent to pay and mail his/her bills. Check for late fees, overdue notices, and signs that they are unable to handle their finances.

Additional questions to ask include:

  • Is the agency Medicaid or Medicare certified?
  • Are the services that my loved one requires available?
  • Are there staff members available that fluently speak the language my loved one uses best to communicate?

Physical Health Concerns

  • Are there signs that they frequently fall? Check their bodies for cuts and bruises that might indicate an accident.
  • Inspect them for bedsore/pressure ulcer signs. Pressure ulcers can be caused by prolonged sitting coupled with their thinner skin. These ulcers can lead to deadly infections if left untreated.
  • Monitor if they are unable to maintain house cleanliness, or they are no longer able to take care of small repairs.

Professional Help at Havenwood Caregiver Services

Here at Havenwood Caregiver Services, we’re dedicated to providing excellent care for disabled individuals, seniors, and anyone in need. Our certified caregivers are professionals who are willing to give the best in home care available and to help seniors maintain their sense of freedom. We are located in Boise, Twin Falls, and Nampa in Idaho and also in Spokane, Washington. Contact a caring at home care professional at Havenwood when you notice your loved one is unable to manage on their own and you are unable to provide the care they need. In home or at home care can be the best option for your senior parent.