During the hot months of summer, it is advised for seniors especially, to stay indoors and to keep cool, because they are more prone to heat related illnesses. So, how can you stay active while keeping cool, and what are some things that caregivers can do to keep elderly loved ones engaged and active? Here are some tips for indoor activities and summertime fun for seniors and caregivers:

  • On the days that are extra hot, stay inside, and use this as an opportunity to get organized. De-Clutter the home by going through junk drawers, organizing closets, or maybe doing a craft like building a bird feeder, or planting herbs to grow inside next to a sunny window.
  • If your elderly loved one enjoys music, make them a CD with all their favorite oldies. Maybe throw in a few new songs you think they might enjoy based off the kind of music they listened to when they were younger.
  • Plan some fun outings to a local museum or other indoor activities. Go see a matinee movie, or try a new restaurant you think they might like. In the evening once the sun starts to set, take them to an outdoor show. I know in the Boise area, the Shakespeare Festival is ALWAYS a great time! And since we know driving at night can be difficult for Seniors, be sure to go with them and drive them. Or call a company like Havenwood that can send Caregivers along with them.
  • Learn something new! Set your loved one up with Skype or FaceTime. So you can video call them to stay in touch. Teach them how to use it on their own so they can call grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  • Visit the Senior Center. I know I know, sounds boring. But Senior Centers aren’t as boring as they once were. For example, one of our local Senior Centers in Meridian, ID has a dancing class. How fun! They also play games during the day, serve lunch, and do other activities that are enjoyable and a good way to interact with others and make new friends.

Havenwood Caregiving Services are here to help! Our in-home caregivers can help provide a range of services to keep elders engaged, active, healthy and safe. Contact us today to get more information on our services, and to schedule a complementary, no obligation, in-home care assessment.