Whether the music is classical, instrumental, rock, country, or jazz, most everyone I know LOVES to listen to music. Do you ever notice how even new born babies react to music? Music has the same affect on the elderly. Music can soothe or energize, make us happy or sad, but either way; there is no doubt that music MOVES us.

Human beings are governed by rhythms. From our pulsing heartbeat, to the cadence of our speech patterns, to when we fall asleep and wake up countless rhythms drive our existence. Perhaps this is why we are so mesmerized by music.

The benefits of music are numerous, and especially beneficial to the elderly who may have cognitive challenges. Music therapists work in a variety of different settings, from hospitals to halfway houses. In the elder care world, they can be found in Assisted and Independent Living Facilities, rehabilitation clinics, Hospitals, and through hospice and palliative care providers. Music Therapists help aging adults manage everything from chronic pain to Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is a cute video showing the power of music to the young and the old: