COVID-19 is consuming our days and our thoughts. How many new cases are there today? When will this end? What is the timeline for economic recovery? Fear and uncertainty exist regardless of sex, age, or tax bracket. At the end of the day, a common thread binds us: I hope my loved ones are okay. 

Coronavirus affects all ages, but those age 65 and older are at the greatest risk. Before the outbreak, elderly parents and relatives were happily and fiercely independent. With varying levels of assistance from family members, they were busy from dawn until dusk. They met their friends for breakfast, went shopping just to browse, and worked on projects indoor and out. Now, these behaviors have to change. How can we help aging parents stay home? How can we ensure their needs are met when we each must stay under our own roof?

Havenwood Caregiver Services is here for you in these unprecedented times. Our staff creates a personalized care plan that meets the needs and desires of you and your loved one. 

Need a little help?

Shifts can be scheduled as little as 1 hour per day. This can be a morning visit to help get dressed, or it can be a ride to a doctor’s appointment. It can be a visit in the evening to help with dinner, bathing assistance, and a quick game of cards before bed. 

Need a lot of help?

Our caregivers can be available to your loved one for up to 24 hours a day. Assistance in the bathroom, medication management, and errands are just a few of the things we can plan out together. We have always exercised excellent hand hygiene, even prior to COVID-19. We are aware of situations and places where illness or injury can happen, like frequently touched surfaces or a bunched-up area rug. We’re watching out for your family as if they were members of ours.

Somewhere in the middle?

Feel free to contact us and share with us your situation and any concerns.  Share your hopes and fears. There is no one-size-fits-all for home care services.  We’re able to create dinner plans for a wide range of taste buds and dietary needs. We can read a great book aloud over a cup of coffee. We’ll take a stroll with your loved one (and the dog!) while being mindful of social distancing. We’ll help them FaceTime and Zoom in time for the Happy Birthday singalong. 

You’re doing your part to help flatten the curve, and it’s working. We’re here to do our best for you and your family so that you can say, with confidence, “I know my loved ones are okay.”