Caring for loved ones who happen to suffer from early-stage dementia or some form of memory loss is stressful and scary. You want to ensure their safety while keeping them in their homes, where they feel the most secure, independent, and loved.

Home is where all of your memories are and where you go to feel loved. Home is everything. If you feel that your family member is in need of care, our family at Havenwood Caregiver Services is here for yours in every way possible. 

The Value Of In-Home Care

We are all so busy with work, children, grandchildren, and other responsibilities that the diagnosis of someone that we love so much can be overwhelming. They need us to take care of them the way that they did for us as children and many times the speed and content of our lives do not allow us the time we need to get everything done.

We understand your stress and your apprehensions and it is our goal to ensure both you and your loved ones feel secure in our care. Our kind and knowledgeable staff offer many services that would otherwise take you away from the quality time you want to spend with your family. 

Our in-home care consists of housekeeping responsibilities, the preparation of meals, and regular safety checks around the home. Sometimes, as the disease progresses, we can increase our level of care while your loved one stays in their home.

Specialty Dementia Care

Dementia can be unpredictable and our safety checks and growing personal relationships will reflect your family member’s memory changes. We can increase the duration of our visits and we offer in-home care around the clock. 

Havenwood also offers private and personal hygiene care, such as bathing and dressing, while giving reminders on medication, oral hygiene, and appointments. Our quality and effective staff can shop for your family, run errands, and accompany them to any appointments. Our entire goal is to decrease the stress dementia can have on a family and ensure that your family member is living with the utmost dignity.

Most importantly, we become companions that your family member can rely on to be there for them during the times when you are not able. Dementia sufferers do well with a routine and our staff members are educated on the fundamentals of caring for these individuals. Patience and compassion are key and we have them in spades. 

Trust Havenwood To Keep Your Family Members Home

Contact us at Havenwood to reach the best caregivers for your family. We’re always here for you and will tailor our approach to fit all of your needs. Allow our family to care for and support your own.