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Resources and information regarding senior safety and individuals with in home care.

Senior Safety, Considerations When Your Parents Want to Age in Place

You have probably the phrase “Aging in Place” and simply put, Aging in Place means allowing your parent to age in their current home. Almost all adults want to live in their home for as long as possible and not move to an assisted living facility. It allows them to remain in familiar surroundings and in a community which they are comfortable. There are a number of factors that go into allowing a parent to Age in Place, their health, their safety around the home, their support network and of course finances. Although there comes a time when moving may be required, there are many tips and steps you can take to help keep your parent safe. And if your parent can remain safe, they can Age in Place for a long time. Below are our blogs which may help in keeping your parents safe in their own home.

Senior Safety Blog

Annual Elderly Care Check-ups in Spokane, WA

Preventative care should be the primary focus of your elderly care efforts. As an elder care provider it is your responsibility to make sure that your aging loved one is as healthy and happy as possible, which relies not just on reacting to issues that arise, but...

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In-Home Care Makes Aging in Place Possible

Many elderly people want to "age in place" and remain living in their own homes. This often requires the help of family caregivers. However, you can't always be with your loved one 24/7, so you may want to consider in-home care. This can afford your loved...

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Signs Your Parent May Need At-Home Care

Often, we are in such a hurry to grow up that we do not realize that as we age, our parents also age. While we are growing up, we are used to the carefree comfort of knowing that our parents are the decision-makers and that they are in charge of everything from eating...

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Important Tips to Help Seniors Avoid Falls

For seniors, the odds of falling each year are about one in three. Good odds if you’re looking to win a lottery; not very good odds if you’re a senior or care for a senior and want them to stay safe and healthy. Falls constitute the leading cause of injury and...

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Home Modifications for Safer Aging in Place

Some simple home modifications can make for safer and more comfortable living at home. Entries and Doorways There should be at least one no-step entry to the house with a coverOutdoor walkway should be well litInstall a sensor light focusing on the front-door lockUse...

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