Resources and information regarding personal stories and knowledge that we can’t otherwise categorize.

Potpourri, Random Ideas and Stories on Senior Care.

Over time we’ve accumulated a number of stories and ideas which are kinda difficult to categorize. Our blogs on these are below.

Potpourri Blog

Medicare Turns 50!

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law legislation that established the Medicare and Medicaid programs. July 30th, 2015 marked the 50th Anniversary for Medicare. Before Medicare's creation, approximately 65% of those over 65 had health...

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What Are the Activities of Daily Living?

When you start looking into senior care for your loved one, undoubtedly, you will come across ADLs or the Activities of Daily Living. This term is frequently used to identify what level of care your senior needs. There are six main components to the activities of...

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How to Benefit From Music

Whether the music is classical, instrumental, rock, country, or jazz, most everyone I know LOVES to listen to music. Do you ever notice how even new born babies react to music? Music has the same affect on the elderly. Music can soothe or energize, make us happy or...

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How to Give Your Aging Loved Ones Purpose

Depression is an alarmingly common problem in the elderly. Retirees often become isolated as they age, having lost the career that brought them friends, purpose, and a reason to get outside every day. As family members, it becomes your job to maintain these important...

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How to Survive Allergies in the Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of year. Millions of Americans suffer from allergies this time of year, and the Elderly are not exempt from the stuffy noses and watery eyes that accompany allergies. But, unlike most of those millions, Seniors often have complicating...

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How to Stay Healthy as an Older Adult

Did you know that January is National Weight Awareness Month? Many of us may have set a New Year's Resolution to go to the gym more, walk more, and eat healthier, but we don't often think about obesity in older adults. However, carrying around excess weight can have...

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The History Of B-I-N-G-O

Did you know that the month of December marks the 86th Anniversary of the game of B-I-N-G-O? I didn't know that either! I was curious one day, thinking, how did this game come about? Our elderly Client's LOVE Bingo! And they always play it. And it amazes me how every...

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Breast Cancer Facts, Research, and Symptoms

With October being breast cancer awareness month, we thought it would be educational to put together an article with Breast Cancer facts and research. Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females worldwide. It accounts for 16% of all female cancers and...

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