Navigating at-home care for a loved one with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is challenging. That’s because the diagnosis affects everyone, and life will not be the same. However, there are things you can do to make life for you and your family manageable. Here are some tips that will help make the journey less stressful.

Learn About the Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s is a difficult disease to navigate. You will notice the decline more than your affected family member. Alzheimer’s comes with setbacks, crises, and progression. Your first-line of access to information is your loved one’s medical provider. You can get information specific to the current situation and so that you will know what to expect as the disease progresses. 

The Alzheimer’s Association has a wealth of information available on their site. The more you know, the smoother you can make this journey for your loved one and the entire family.

Prepare for Change

Though you will do whatever you need to do for your cherished loved one, living with Alzheimer’s is challenging for caregivers and patients.  You’ll need to prepare for change.

  • Organize and review your loved one’s legal, financial and healthcare documents
  • Seek legal counsel regarding the impact of Alzheimer’s on legal documents
  • Create a safe, calming environment for your loved one
  • Explain the diagnosis to your family and friends
  • Create a daily routine for your loved one
  • Have a support system in place

A Support Plan Is Essential to Success

Though you may want to be your family member’s primary caregiver, self-care is essential. To properly love and care for a person with Alzheimer’s, you must prioritize your mental and physical health. Here are some suggestions to help you stay healthy throughout the process:

  • Talk to a professional about any feeling of anxiety, grief or guilt
  • Seek professional in-home care for your loved one
  • Find out about respite care services
  • If possible, create a network of friends of family to assist periodically
  • Take breaks throughout the day
  • Incorporate exercise in your routine
  • See your doctor regularly

Include Havenwood Caregiver Services in Your Support Plan 

You and your family can have a high quality of life post-diagnosis. At Havenwood Caregiver Services, we provide professional home caregivers with the skills and compassion you need to allow your loved one to be cared for safely in the home.

We have a variety of services such as meal preparation, housekeeping, home safety assessment, personal care assistance, and companionship to ease the stress of caring for a chronically ill loved one.  Contact us today.