At some point or another, many of us will either need to consider in-home care for ourselves or for a loved one. Choosing in-home health care may be an easy choice for some, since it allows the person to remain in their own home and continue a certain level of autonomy while providing the attention and health care necessary. However, there are many other details included when it comes to implementing an in-home care system.

One of the biggest issues is the cost of in-home care and how to pay for it.

A common question is whether Medicaid pays for in-home care.

Government Assistance

Run by the federal government, Medicaid is a health care assistance plan for those who have low income and limited access to resources to traditional medical care. Most states have their own program with differing requirements and rules.

Note that coverage includes a certain amount for deductibles, premiums and co-payments used in conjunction with Medicare, which is also a federal insurance program for those over the age of 65 and some disabilities and diseases.

In-Home Care

In-Home care usually funds through a sub-section of the program, called Home and Community Based Services, or HCBS.

HCBS programs offer some or all coverage for various in-home health care costs, such as physical therapy, nursing care, home assistance with cooking, laundry, cleaning and/or meal delivery, transportation to and from necessary doctor and other appointments, participation in an adult day service program, home modifications to add safety elements and medical equipment and supplies.

The program requires an application process, which generally goes as follows:

  • Locate your local HCBS program and apply for home care assistance.
  • The program will evaluate the need for in-home health care assistance and medical care to determine if the individual needs the in-home health care to avoid placement in a nursing home.
  • Once the need for in-home care is established, the program will look to determine whether the individual meets income and asset eligibility levels.

To begin the process and apply for in-home health care benefits, start by going to and selecting your state. Then look for your state’s home page, where you can look for information about contacting the HCBS program to ask about applying and eligibility requirements.

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