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Providing Compassionate Care You Can Trust During Transitions

Millions of people today face an overwhelming challenge, suddenly becoming the “parent” to their aging mother, father or relative. Sometimes transitions happen due to a major medical event, other times they happen slowly over time with the realization that your loved one can no longer stay safely in their home. Almost always, the undertaking of what to do happens during times of stress and limitations. When the moment happens and a transition is needed, the next question is “now what?”

The transition between living independently and needing a little help can be difficult. Havenwood is here to help you and your loved one navigate through the process. There are things to consider whichever path you decide is the best for your loved one and we understand that family dynamics come into play.

Things to Consider

Havenwood is here to help you and your loved one through the process. Hiring someone to take care of your loved one is a challenging undertaking that sometimes is made during times of stress and limitations. Normally, your loved one will not ask for help and occasionally, they may not be very receptive to having services. We can help with this as we’ve handled family dynamics before and understand transitions can be difficult on everyone.

Assessing the requirements of your loved one and when home care services are needed is not always an easy task. The main consideration is safety. Your loved one should be able to remain safely in their own home. If they are unable to do so, a facility may be the best place for them to reside.

Consider the following questions.

  • What happens at night? During the day, are they able to get up and around safely?
  • What happens in the kitchen? Have they left the stove on or cooked things inappropriately?
  • Are they able to safely drive for shopping and errands?
  • Do they take their medications regularly?
  • Are they able to prepare healthy meals?
  • Are they able to maintain the household or do they need assistance with regular housework?
  • Are they able to do their own personal care?
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Compassionate Care You Trust

From the initial visit, we develop a care plan that is personalized to fit you and your loved one’s needs and schedule. We provide you with a written care plan which outlines the specific services provided.

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Hiring an In-Home Care Agency

If you have made the decision to hire an agency to provide caregivers, there are a number of things to consider and questions to ask.

  • Does the agency pay employer related taxes and insurance?
    • Some agencies are no more than a referral service and the family hires caregivers privately. This puts the family in the position of paying payroll taxes and all related insurances. Our caregivers are employees of Havenwood. As such, Havenwood pays all related payroll taxes and provides liability and workmans compensation insurance.
  • Does the agency screen and background check their caregivers?
    • Every in-home care provider for Havenwood goes through a fingerprint background check. References are checked extensively and our interview and hiring process is more than just meeting a potential employee. We ensure that our caregivers are compassionate and dependable and will be an advocate for your loved one.
  • Does the agency provide a care manager and supervise services?
    • At Havenwood, every client has a care manager who creates an individualized plan of care and who supervises the caregivers.
  • Does the agency have enough caregivers to provide dependability and a good match with your loved one?
    • Havenwood began in 2001 and is well established in the community. We have more than enough caregivers to provide backup in case someone is ill. We understand matching personalities with your loved one is critical to the services we provide.

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What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for your gentle loving care for our Betty. She was a real lady through it all. We surely miss having her with us. You were wonderful to help us during this time in Betty’s life.
Keith, Mary, Kevin & Katie S